In today's message, I'll list four things that you, as a homeowner, have control over when selling your property.

  • Price. Your decision on where to price your property should be informed by comparable sales in your neighborhood. Holistically consider comparables, market inventory, updates you've made to your property (or lack thereof), etc. This is how an appraiser will evaluate your property.

  • Condition. Before making any high-cost renovations to your property, be sure to invite an interior designer, stager, or your Realtor to your home first, so they can advise you for or against that sort of expense. The condition of your home will make a big difference in your return when it comes to the price per square foot. Oftentimes, what you earn from the upgrades you've made doesn't square with or exceed what you've spent. Alternatively, there are some smaller, less costly things you can do to make your home looks its best and elevate curb appeal—painting or landscaping are just a few examples.

  • Marketing. You'll want to know that your agent understands digital marketing and advertising; they need to have a grasp of who to market to and how to market to those people. Also, make sure their reputation is stellar and that they've developed good relationships in the real estate agent community.

  • Staging. There's a reason home builders always stage their model homes—it maximizes space usage and, with properly sized furniture, it'll capture buyers' attention. Because buyers tend to be very visual, it's not the best idea to leave it to the imagination by showing a bare home. Staging gives the buyer a visual presentation of how the home's space will work for them and their family.

For help with any and all of your real estate needs, or if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact me. I'd love the opportunity to have a conversation with you!