Going out to dinner with kids isn't always the easiest thing to do. Some restaurants are more kid-friendly than others. Here's a look at the top kid-friendly restaurant options found in Nashville, TN.

Bakersfield - Downtown

A downtown option with plenty to offer for kids, Bakersfield provides a kids menu, high chairs, booster seats, and more. There are games found here, such as tic-tac-toe for kids to enjoy and the kids menu includes tacos, quesadillas, and more. Of course, there are great cocktails for mom and dad including excellent margaritas.

The Sulter - Melrose

A Melrose choice with plenty to offer those of all ages, The Sulter provides live music, plenty of great choices on the menu, and more. They do have high chairs, booster seats, and a kids menu, as well.

Pastaria - Sylvan Park

Maybe one of the best Nashville restaurants for families, Pastaria offers "family hour" from 5 pm to 6:30 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. It's a great spot in Sylvan Park with high chairs, booster seats, and a kids menu. They even donate old crayons to The Crayon initiative.

If you want to enjoy fun outside, Pastaria offers an outdoor area with bocce ball. This is truly a family-friendly place everybody can enjoy.

Box Bongo + Bakery - 12 South

A great location with plenty to enjoy, Box Bongo + Bakery is kid-friendly. They don't have a kids menu, but they do have high chairs and booster seats. They also offer plenty of bakery options and healthy options on the regular menu. There's a play area with toys and building blocks, as well.

Fenwick's 300 - Melrose

Another Melrose spot for the entire family, Fenwick's 300 offers comfort food, such as mac & cheese, burgers, and more. They do have a kids menu, along with high chairs and booster seats. When your family is craving comfort food, this is the spot for you.

Mafiaoza's - 12 South

The place where you and your kids can play with your food is Mafiaoza's in 12 South. This unique spot offers the opportunity to get hands-on with pizza throwers and more. It's an interactive experience that will actually educate you a bit and provide a great dinner. They do have a kids menu here, along with high chairs and booster seats.

Frothy Monkey - 12 South, Downtown, The Nations

With multiple locations, Frothy Monkey offers a kids menu known as the Little Monkeys Menu. It's filled with great options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Parents can also enjoy a great beer and wine list, along with plenty of options on the regular menu, as well. Frothy Monkey also has high chairs and booster seats.

Burger Up - East Nashville, 12 South

A unique spot with high chairs, booster seats, and a kids menu, Burger Up is great for the family. They actually put kid's menus inside children's books for a nice little touch. Enjoy sliders, PB&J, grilled cheese, and so much more from the kids menu here.

The Row Kitchen & Pub - Midtown

A good choice for the entire family, The Row offers high chairs, booster seats, and a kids menu. They do have live music every night starting at 6 pm. This spot serves Southern fair and offers crayons and coloring materials for the little ones to enjoy.

The Pharmacy - East Nashville

An iconic spot well-known in Nashville, The Pharmacy is great for kids and adults. They have a kids menu, along with high chairs and booster seats. You can enjoy an outdoor picnic table and take part in games for all to enjoy, as well. This is the spot for a great burger and they also have an excellent beer garden.

Double Dogs - Hillsboro Village, Sylvan Heights

Offering a kids menu filled with options, high chairs, and booster seats, Double Dogs is a great choice for kids. They actually serve their dishes in a dog bowl and kids tend to love this touch. You will also find puzzles on the kids menu to keep them busy while they wait for their food.

Other great kid-friendly restaurants in Nashville include:

There are several other great kid-friendly restaurants in Nashville. However, if you want to head to one of the best, choose from this list and you won't be disappointed.