New construction can be very alluring for homebuyers. The thought of having a home nobody else has ever lived in may be very intriguing. However, just because you're considering buying new construction doesn't mean you can skip hiring a Realtor.

When you're ready to buy new construction in Nashville, you want to make sure your best interests are represented. Working with an agent at a model home means you'll be working with an agent for the builder, not for you. They won't give you 3% off the price, either.

You need your own Realtor when buying new construction. Here are a few reasons why.

Realtors Know Quality Builders

One of the main reasons you should always hire a Realtor when building new construction in Nashville is for the professional advice. They know the reputations of the builders in the area and a good Realtor will make sure you hire a good builder. In addition, your Realtor will have a network of vendors, lenders and other professionals to help take care of your specific needs.

While it seems like a new construction home should have no flaws, anything can go wrong after construction. Weather, issues with materials or labor shortages could cause issues you have to deal with, even if they are covered under warranty. Having a Realtor help you choose a builder with an excellent reputation will ensure you deal with fewer issues, if any at all.

Contract and Paperwork Protection

Do you understand real estate law and contracts? If not, hiring a Realtor for your new construction home is a must. While the agent for the builder probably understands the contracts and paperwork well, they don't represent you. Without a Realtor, it's up to you to make sure they are not trying to get something over on you or give you an unfair deal.

Your Realtor will make sure the contracts and paperwork are all in order. They represent you and will make sure you are protected throughout the entire transaction. In addition, your agent can recommend an attorney, if necessary.

Help with Location and Lot

Finding the best value when buying a new construction home in Nashville isn't always easy. Hiring a local real estate agent with experience working in local neighborhoods will help you get the right lot and location. They will be able to help you understand why one new construction lot and neighborhood may be more desirable than another when it's time to sell.

Expert Negotiator

Agents representing the builder don't want to negotiate because it doesn't benefit them. They want to give you a price, offer a few upgrades and give you a choice of a couple of plans. However, when you have your own Realtor, you will have an expert negotiator to ensure you get exactly what you want.

New construction homes can often be customized in many ways to fit what you want. However, not all builders will modify plans for you. When you hire a good real estate agent, you plan modifications and upgrades all become negotiable because you have a professional looking out for you.

Even if they won't budge much on the price, you may be able to get upgrades and customizations thrown into the deal or at least discounted. Your real estate agent will know what they will and will not do and won't be afraid to ask.

Buying new construction in Nashville may seem appealing, but it can be stressful. You want to make sure you get the best possible deal, which means you need to hire a Realtor to represent you during the entire process.