Franklin, Tennessee is one of the very best suburbs of Nashville. It's a charming Middle Tennessee town offering one of the best Main Streets in the country. In fact, the Downtown Franklin area is known as "America's Favorite Main Street."

It's a historic square filled with boutique shopping, local restaurants and plenty of entertainment options. Of course, this is just one of the areas of Franklin you'll want to enjoy if you're planning to visit.

Whether you're coming from out-of-state because you may want to relocate to Franklin or you're visiting for the day from another suburb or neighborhood in Nashville, you need to know where to go. Here are some of the best spots to enjoy on your one-day trip to Franklin.

The Factory at Franklin

It's a unique experience for those looking to shop and be entertained. The Factory at Franklin offers plenty of retail shops, local restaurants and artisans with plenty to do, see and enjoy. It's known for the events including concerts, plays and more all throughout the year.

Enjoy live music as you shop and plenty of other fun. This certainly isn't your typical mall.

Downtown Franklin

As mentioned above, it's one of the best Main Streets in the country. Downtown offers all types of shopping, dining, and entertainment with plenty of events throughout the year. If you come during Christmas, you can enjoy the Dickens of a Christmas festival. The summer brings a weekly farmer's market to downtown and plenty of other events are held throughout the year for everybody to enjoy.

The Park at Harlinsdale Farm

It's the place to go for Tennessee Walking Horses and plenty of other fun things to do. You can bring the kids, dogs, your fishing poles and even your own horses. The Park at Harlinsdale Farm is massive and it's one of the most historic horse farms in the state.

It covers about 200 acres with plenty of room for running, playing, trail riding and fishing. You could easily spend your entire one-day trip to Franklin at this specific spot.

The Plantation Houses

There are several famous and historic plantation houses throughout Tennessee. Franklin is home to three major choices, which are the Carter, Carnton, and Lotz Plantations. These plantations are operated by the Battle of Franking Trust and offer plenty of tours to educate visitors about the battle of Franklin. All three are historically significant and offer a look at the old plantation including extended tours, slavery tours and more.

Whether you're considering moving to Franklin or you're just visiting, there's plenty to see and do. You could simply wander around the city and enjoy the historic architecture, local restaurants, and entertainment options. However, if you love history, a tour of one or more of the plantation homes may be the right choice for you.

Those looking to do some shopping will prefer the Downtown area, along with The Factory at Franklin. Of course, the outdoor enthusiasts and the horse lovers will want to spend time at The Park at Harlinsdale Farm.