Nashville is a town that offers something for everyone and shopping is no exception. There are some amazing women's boutiques here where you'll find everything from designer jeans to the perfect dress for that upcoming event.

You'll love the local boutique experience that provides something more unique and personalized. Head over to neighborhoods like the Gulch, Green Hills, 12 South, East Nashville, Germantown, Hillsboro Village, and West End when you're ready to start shopping at the top boutiques in town!

Abednego — 1210 4th Ave N

This first pick is going to be found in Nashville's Germantown neighborhood. The name of it is actually a biblical name but the store is all about modern, chic everything for women. You'll find everything from beautiful boots to gorgeous throw pillows and more. Pick up a fabulous new outfit for the weekend or find a great gift for a friend like cement coasters or an acacia wood cutting board. You'll love the inventory and the prices at Abednego.

Lizard Thicket — 2124 Hillsboro Dr

Located in Green Hills, Lizard Thicket is another great option for finding the trends at a great price point. Not only are the prices affordable and items are the latest trends, but you'll also love how unique everything is here.

There is actually just a limited quantity of each item in order to help everyone feel that they've received something more unique and to see that more new things are always coming in stock. They've actually got stores all over the states and the staff is known for being involved with community service work.

Check out their website for a section on things that are only $10, $15, or $20 on sale, as well as their new arrivals and clearance section. Get a cute blanket scarf for those chilly days or a positive aura ring to brighten up your week.

MODA Boutique — 2511 12th Avenue South

Over in the 12 South neighborhood is MODA, a women's apparel and accessories boutique. This boutique is known for being edgy and chic, featuring designer clothing and jewelry that range from casual wear to dressy occasions. Check out their selection of tops, sunglasses, outerwear, and gifts.

Hemline — 4025 Hillsboro Pike #504

In Green Hills of Nashville is the popular store called Hemline, featuring high quality but casual clothing for women. The clothes here are Instagram-worthy with everything from jumpsuits to beachy purses. Get the latest clothing and accessories for women here at Hemline.

Pieces — 500 Madison Street #103

When you need basics that are stylish, Pieces in Germantown has you covered. They tend to bring in pieces that you won't find everywhere else making the collection of clothing, accessories, and gifts quite eclectic. Check out their collection of “Made in the USA” clothing.

e. Allen — 312 11th Avenue South

Where do you tend to shop for business casual pieces of your wardrobe? The Gulch's e. Allen is a great option for business casual and personal styling services when you need an extra set of eyes. You'll find the perfect women's suit or stylish blouse. Check out dresses that will take you from day to night with the switch of the right pair of shoes and accessories. Shop for outerwear, denim, skirts, shoes, and much more.

UAL — 1814 21st Avenue

For designer finds in Nashville, you can't g wrong with UAL in either West End of Hillsboro Village. UAL or United Apparel Liquidators is known for having new arrivals showing up weekly and also cutting you a deal as many of the merchandise is from last season or overstock.

Everything is brand new but may be out of season, so plan to buy pieces that work all year or shop for items you'll use next season. You won't want to wait to make a purchase as this shop will often sell out of an item. The good news is that this store will let you shop for the whole family and the house all in one stop.

Blush — 606 12th Avenue South

When you want the latest trends, go to Gulch and stop into Blush. Blush is a women's boutique known for having some of the best trendy items here in Gulch. Prices are affordable and this store has won recognition for “Best Local Women's Clothing Stores” by the Nashville Scene's annual reader poll. Shop for dresses, rompers, tops, bottoms, and so much more.

If you're ready to do some heavy shopping for the ladies in your life, Nashville has you covered. Check out these popular boutiques as soon as you can!