Curious to know which celebrities own property in Nashville? Well, you're in luck - because we are too! When it comes to country legends and other stars, it seems that the largest constellations of celebrity homes in Nashville are actually located in Brentwood and Franklin, TN, the most affluent neighborhoods in the city.

In fact, in general, the city is well-known for having many luxury communities. If you think your curiosity won't be satisfied until you take a virtual tour of these fantastic celebrity mansions, read on to find out more about their homes.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Yes, the famous country singer and actress own a luxury mansion within Northumberland, an exclusive celebrity community located in Nashville's Green Hills area. Reportedly, their home was worth a whopping $3.5 million at the time of the purchase.

But, no need to worry about Keith and Nicole. They probably won't be moving from Nashville anytime soon since their property spreads over 12,000 square feet, including a tennis court, a kind of a creek, and a huge pool. Those that were lucky enough to be invited to this power couple's home say that their home is as regal as it gets!

panoramic view of Nashville in the sunset

Nashville, TN, is home to many celebrities, mostly country singers and songwriters.

Big Kenny

Apparently, it is an understatement to call Big Kenny's property a house. He himself termed it a 'Chateau di Amore,' which loosely translates to 'A love castle.' We would also be enamored with this lovely, $10 million, 8-bedroom, 6-bathroom, 18,500 square foot property if we were as Big & Rich as Big Kenny is.

Apart from your usual glamorous backyard patio and swimming pool, Big Kenny can record music in his indoor recording studio. Once he gets tired of composing and singing, he usually takes a stroll around his glorious gardens equipped with a nifty saloon-style bar.

John Rich

If you are wondering whether the second member of Big & Rich owns a home in Nashville, your intuition is right. In fact, John Rich's estate is quite conveniently called Mt. Richmore', a moniker that perfectly sums up the vibe and idea behind this flamboyant Nashville home.

Why flamboyant, you ask? Well, having as much as 20 rooms in a 17,000 square foot property merits such an epithet in our book. John Rich can choose between 5 bedrooms and as many as ten bathrooms with guitar-shaped toilet seats, all easily reachable with an elevator.

Also, he frequently reaps the benefits of warm Tennessee weather in his glamorous guitar-shaped swimming pool. At night, this house is home to amazing guitar-shaped parties held in a private night club which on its own spreads over 4,000 square feet. All in all, Mt. Richmore is a true monument to everything guitar-shaped!

a man playing an acoustic guitar

In Nashville, having everything guitar-shaped is the way to go!

Reba McEntire

If you have been considering buying a Nashville property, your relocation to a new neighborhood somewhere in Nashville means you will be living in the vicinity of Reba McEntire's estate. Talk about star quality!

Her home is located in Lebanon, about 45 minutes away from downtown Nashville. At a modest 12,800 square feet, the amazing country legend's home is cited as one of the most beautiful houses one has ever laid their eyes on. The gardens surrounding the house are perfectly manicured to fit into one of the 4 top home styles in Nashville. Namely, her home has classic Nashville architecture elements characterized by spiral staircases, granite kitchen walls, and deftly carved wooden features.

a Nashville building with Corinthian columns, perhaps one of the celebrity homes in Nashville

One of the celebrity homes in Nashville belongs to Reba McEntire. You can see elements of classic Nashville architecture on her estate.

Like her famous neighbors' estates, Reba's home has a tennis court, a pool, and other glamorous amenities that Nashville celebrities obviously cannot do without. As a result, Reba sold her place for $3 million in 2017. Today, this extraordinary estate is an event space, which means you can freely visit it and feast your eyes as much as you please.

One of the celebrity homes in Nashville belongs to Miranda Lambert.

If you head on down to Williamsport, a neighborhood just 60 miles away from Nashville, you have a chance to encounter Miranda Lambert's lovely rustic home. This peaceful little country getaway cost Miranda $3.5 million in 2015. But it was all worth it. With breathtaking decoration graced by, among other things, mounted stag heads and a massive stone fireplace, this home is tastefully decorated to exude countryside elegance inside and outside.

When it comes to this celebrity home's exterior, there is a guesthouse next to a private lake. What's more, it seems Miranda is a big fan of fires in all possible shapes. For this reason, there is an outdoor equivalent of the same stone fireplace that you can find inside the home.

Kelly Clarkson

Yes, Kelly Clarkson is yet another renowned singer who is a proud owner of a Nashville home. You can find her 20,000 square foot home in Hendersonville, a Nashville neighborhood located just 20 miles north of the city center. Within the estate, there are 6 acres of land, a 'measly' 7 bedrooms, and 3 baths. As one would expect from Kelly, her home is an emblem of Southern sophistication and elegance.

Among other fabulous things that this home has, the most memorable element is the Gone With the Wind-like foyer with, of course, a double spiral staircase. In addition, the kitchen is amazingly stylish with its world-famous Restoration Hardware elements. Further on, there is a beautiful balcony in the back of the house that leads directly to the pool area, a volleyball court, and other fun outdoor areas.

News flash! Kelly's home is for sale.

For some reason, Kelly has put this amazing property up for sale at a whopping $8.75 million. Although few can afford to purchase this estate and join Nashville's luxury communities, Kelly's pricey offer should not deter you from moving to this charming city.

In case you need any help with your relocation to Nashville, be sure to hire a local moving company such as Big Heart Moving. Most celebrities and 'normal' folks opt for hiring local moving crews because they know their way around all Nashville neighborhoods - big or small, new or old, rich or poor.

We hope this short tour around celebrity homes in Nashville gave you an idea about what kind of homes you can expect to find if you visit or relocate to this city. In sum, glitz and glam are an unavoidable part of living in Nashville.