Nashville is a playground for adults and for children. There are plenty of great attractions all throughout the city for all ages. However, in this post, we are going to focus on the most kid-friendly attractions in Nashville.

If you're considering relocating to Nashville with children, this may be very important information. Maybe you already live here and you're not sure what to do this weekend. Either way, here are some of the top kid-friendly attractions found throughout Nashville, TN.

The Nashville Zoo

Maybe the best choice for kids, the Nashville Zoo is a great option. You can enjoy plenty of wildlife and one-of-a-kind experiences here. Many locals find this to be a great place to enjoy with the red pandas, meerkats, Bengal tigers, and other exotic animals.

Nashville Sounds Baseball Games

While the baseball games only happen during the summer, heading out to the ballpark is plenty of fun for the entire family. The games include plenty of fun outside of just the baseball game and a trip to the ballpark will keep your kids happing.


Youth Empowerment Through Arts and the Humanities is a great choice for your kids. It's a camp for boys and girls that want to enjoy plenty of rock and roll fun. This specific camp is one of the best in Nashville and one of the most unique.

Sky High Sports

A great choice when it's cold out or raining, Sky High Sports offers plenty of fun. Enjoy bouncing off the walls with this trampoline park, which has trampolines everywhere. You can play dodge pall here and enjoy all kinds of other activities.

The Adventure Science Center

When you want your children to have fun, but also learn something, the Adventure Science Center is a good choice. This spot offers a way to enjoy plenty of fun while learning about science. It's filled with great experiments and you can even enjoy the planetarium.

Phillips Toy Mart

Of course, kids of all ages love the Phillips Toy Mart. It's filled with all k nods of great toys including imported toys, vintage options, and even train setups.

Music Galore

Of course, it's the Music City, so there has to be plenty of music for the kids to enjoy in Nashville. The city offers several great attractions for kids when it comes to music. Enjoy the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum or the Grammy Museum Gallery at the Musicians Hall of Fame. Both are very kid-friendly and offer plenty of fun.

Other great kid-friendly music attractions in Nashville include:

  • Madame Tussauds Nashville

  • Nashville Studio Tour

  • The George Jones

  • Fontanel Mansion

  • The Grand Old Opry

  • General Jackson Showboat

There's also the Nashville Children's Theater, which is a great choice when they have a music event going on.

Nashville is packed with great kid-friendly attractions. These attractions are just a few examples of the fun you can have with kids of all ages. Some may cater to older children and other to younger children, but all the attractions on the list fall into the kid-friendly category.