Football season is nearly here and it's time to figure out where you will go for the big game. Whether you're a Titans fan, a Volunteers fan or you root for another team, the right sports bar can make your weekend football watching much more fun.

Nashville offers several great sports bars all throughout the city with plenty of unique choices. If you want to watch the big game with other fans of the same team, you may be in luck, depending on which team you root for. Here's a look at some of the very best sports bars in Nashville for the big game.

Jonathan's Grille

Found all throughout Nashville, Jonathan's Grille offers locations in Mt. Juliet, Green Hills, Bellevue, Hendersonville, Murfreesboro, Cool Springs and Spring Hill. They have 55 TVs at every location, so if your big game is on TV, you'll get to see it here.

Crow's Nest

A great choice for the big game in Green Hills, Crow's Nest offers a haven for fans of many different teams. You will find plenty of Steelers fans here on Sundays and plenty of Titans fans, as well. They offer numerous TVs, great food and plenty of beer options.

Dawg House Saloon

Offering a great spot for music and sports, Dawg House Saloon is a local favorite. They provide plenty of big screen TVs and every seat has a good view of the screen. You can sit on the patio and watch or inside where it's lively and vibrant. They even offer a rooftop bar and if you stay after the game, you can catch live music most nights.

Double Dogs

A newer sports bar and restaurant, Double Dogs has two locations found in Sylvan Heights and Hillsboro Village. You won't have a problem getting your game on a TV as they have plenty of screens. They even have some large projection walls for the most popular games. Each table comes with an individual audio box, so everybody gets sound and this is even a family-friendly atmosphere.

Beyond the Edge

A great choice in East Nashville, Beyond the Edge, offers 25 HD TVs with more than 125 beer options. You'll find 25 beers on tap here and every game will be on TV on Sundays. It's a bit of a unique spot and for those in the right area of East Nashville, this sports bar may be within walking distance.

Bailey's Pub & Grille

A Downtown Nashville choice on Broadway, Bailey's Pub & Grille offers an open-air courtyard and plenty of TVs for the big game. If you want to be downtown when the game is over, this is one of the best sports bars in Nashville.

Finding the right sports bar for the big game isn't difficult. There are plenty of choices all throughout Nashville and any of the bars on this list will provide just what you need to enjoy the big game.