Nashville has become known as an "It" city and for good reason. If you're considering relocating to Nashville, you should have a good reason, such as a job or to be closer to family. Of course, you may just visit and fall in love with the city.

Those looking to move to the Music City usually have a good reason. Here are some of the top reasons you'll fall in love with Nashville.

The Climate

While it's not the beautiful weather of Florida in the winter months, it's also not the incredibly hot and humid weather of Florida in the summer. Instead, Nashville offers four true seasons with just enough snow in the winter to enjoy it.

Even if the summer gets a bit hotter than normal, there are plenty of lakes to cool you off throughout the area. Overall, the climate in Nashville is rather enjoyable with a wonderful fall and spring, a mild winter, and a nice summer.

Lower Taxes Than Most

Nashville doesn't have high taxes like some areas of the country. In fact, there's no state income tax to be paid in Tennessee. In addition, the overall tax burden for the area is lower than average.

Smaller Town Feel in a Big City

Many residents will tell you, Nashville doesn't feel as much like a big city as most big cities. It feels more like a collection of small towns and this may be due to the friendly people and those working to make the city a better place to live.

Plenty of Jobs

The job market in Nashville is one of the major reasons why you'll fall in love with the city. More than 100 people move to the city every day for new jobs opening up throughout. The city is home to several large employers and it's a very pro-business city with plenty of small businesses throughout.

Healthcare, finance, and tech are all very big industries in Nashville. Both the state and the local governments do quite a bit to help attract new business to the city and keep it in Nashville.

Beautiful Place to Live

Nashville offers some amazing beauty throughout with wonderful mountains and rolling hills. It's one of the most beautiful areas of Tennessee and offers stunning views from some neighborhoods, along with a cityscape many believe to be one of the best in the country.

The Music

If you love music, you must live in Nashville. It's not called the Music City for no reason. Nashville is home to some of the best attractions you will find in the music industry and some of the best venues, too. It's the place for up-and-coming artists, along with seasoned professionals.


While Nashville won't be ranked as the most affordable place in the country to live, it's also not the most expensive. In fact, it falls right in the middle nationally making it a rather affordable big city to call home.

There are several other great reasons you'll fall in love with Nashville from the abundance of things to do to the incredible restaurants. These are just seven of the top reasons you'll likely fall in love with the Music City.