Dog-Friendly Bars, Restaurants, and hangouts in Nashville

If you're moving with a pet, it's necessary to check if the place is pet-friendly and pleasant for you and your furry friend. Nashville is undoubtedly one of the pet-friendly cities, and for that reason, many families own a dog, cat, or other animals. However, if you're coming here for the first time, you need more information about it. This guide is everything you need. We'll reveal the best dog-friendly spots in Nashville, but also some tips on how to organize a smooth and stress-free move — both for you and your dog.



Where to take your dog — the list of top dog-friendly Places and Restaurants in Nashville

This city boasts many pet-friendly spots that will ensure you and your furry friend have the most fun. Here are the places that you shouldn't miss when moving to Nashville with your dog.

The Anderson Group will take you around town as we share some of our favorite pet friendly spots in Nashville!

Things to Remember:

  • Dogs must be on a 6-foot (or shorter), non-retractable leash.

  • Dogs are only allowed in outdoor dining areas of restaurants. They cannot go inside for any reason.

  • Dogs must be under control, or you might be asked to leave.

  • Call ahead to confirm! Rules change or there may be a special event.

Parks /recreational areas

Whenever we want to go out with our dog, the first place we think of is a park. Luckily, you have plenty of these in Music City. All of the parks and outdoor spaces are excellent places for leashed dogs, and some of them are also welcoming off-leashed pets. Some of the favorites among dog owners are:

  • Shelby Dog Park — located in East Nashville, this off-leashed park offers great outdoor space for your puppies. It's fully fenced, which means your dog can have a fantastic time without you worrying if they can run away. A spacious park with a lot of grass is perfect for an active outdoor time, so be sure to visit it as soon as you arrive.

  • Centennial Park — one of the top pet-friendly places in Nashville is Centennial Park, a pleasant space for both owners and their pets. Even though it isn't a fully off-leashed park, there's enough space for you and your pet to enjoy. Adding free Wi-Fi and the replica of the Parthenon, the experience is truly unique.

  • Hiking trails — for those who enjoy a more active lifestyle, Nashville offers many great hiking trails that are dog-friendly and give you the chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Nashville has a very diverse and rich food scene, which includes a lot of pet-friendly restaurants. There are several dog-friendly restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries to check out in Nashville:

The Gulch

12 South

Hillsboro Village

East Nashville


The Nations

Go shopping with your dog.

A less common way to spend time with your dog is shopping. There are many locations you can go to with your pet and have some unforgettable shopping time. Firstly, for some amazing pet accessories, toys, beds, harnesses, etc., be sure to visit Hunter and June. Furthermore, you can find something for yourself — a key chain, bottle opener, T-shirt, tote bag, and much more. Some other dog-friendly shops sell various items, including White's Mercantile, Savant Vintage, Draper James, Cumberland Transit, etc.

Moving to Nashville with your dog

Relocations are stressful both for pets and their owners. Changing the environment can be traumatic, and dogs can experience behavioral changes, start barking unexpectedly, and so on. However, there are ways to make relocation easy for your four-legged friend and reduce the stress for yourself, too.

Keep your dog away from the moving activities.

Moving day is often busy and hectic. These unusual activities are not something your dog is used to and can make them very nervous. That's why it's best to keep it away from all of the work. Your pet can stay at the house of someone your dog likes, such as friends and family. This way, you won't have to worry about their safety and feelings, and you will go through the move-out process a lot more easily.

Make time for your pet.

Relocations are often challenging for animals. Traveling and changing the environment is stressful, and it takes time for them to get used to it. Try to be understanding and spend more time with the dog, both before and after the move. Spyder Moving professionals can take care of all the moving tasks, so you can have more time to focus on helping your furry friend.


Unpack their items first.

Once you move in, try to unpack your dog's items first. It's best to pack them separately and label the box clearly to find them once you arrive at the new house quickly. It will help the dog adjust faster and realize that it's their new home now.

Maintain the routines

Another critical aspect of moving with a pet is maintaining the routines you had in the old house. As the environment is changing, try to make everything else stay the same. This includes eating, playing, and walking time and their bowls, toys, and beds. Help your pet recognize these items in the new house, and start feeling at home as soon as possible.

Have fun in Nashville

Spending some quality time with your pet and doing exciting things outside will be beneficial for both of you. And with our list of dog-friendly spots in Nashville — this won't be difficult to do. Nashville is a city made for families with pets, and we are sure you and your dog will enjoy it.