Brent Scott of Premiere Home Inspections sat down with me recently to talk shop. Here's what we discussed.

I was recently joined by Brent Scott of Premiere Home Inspections for a wide-ranging discussion on all things home inspections. They've been in business now for over 13 years servicing all of Middle Tennessee with home inspections. They do inspections for both buyers and sellers, as well as environmental and radon testing.

When Brent is inspecting a home, the main things he looks for are the big-ticket items because those could become the biggest concerns. These include issues with roofs, plumbing, electrical, and the home's foundation. With record rain over the last year, he's been noticing a lot more houses dealing with water damage than he has in the past.

According to Brent, there are a few things you can do to prevent issues in your home without much investment. For starters, get a contract with a termite company to have them come out once a year. You should also be regularly changing the air filter in your HVAC unit, and having that HVAC unit serviced a couple of times each year can save you thousands in repair costs.

Brent has seen a lot in his time as a home inspector. He recalls one instance where he was at a really nice house that had attic access through the master closet. Once he got up there to inspect the space, he discovered a dangerously rigged electrical system and a giant marijuana-growing operation. He's found hidden rooms in houses before, too. He's seen everything and he knows how to handle it.

Thanks so much to Brent for joining me and sharing his expertise. To get in touch with Brent, give him a call at (615) 481-7293 or at

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