Impressions on every city depend on how long you visit. Residents perceive their city differently from short-stay visitors. After all, cities are like living things; they constantly change and develop. Nashville is not an exception in that regard. However, certain things have been established at the core of the city and are unlikely to change. Moreover, they are the pillars upon which the city grows. And these are the things I love about Nashville the most.

Things that make Nashville attractive

It is not just me; there are things Nashville is unique for and interesting to all those who visit. And Nashville doesn't lack guests. The city has set a record in 2019 with 16.1 million visitors, a million more than the year before. While they may have not all visited for the same reason and don't love the same things about Nashville, they still have something in common. It is the thrill and joy people share when they are presented with

  1. a variety of live music

  2. cultural and other landmarks

  3. selection of delicious food and drinks

  4. welcoming and friendly attitude

  5. picturesque out-of-doors scenery

It's easy to love the Nashville music scene

Nashville is rightfully named the Music City as there is almost no part of this town where you can't hear music. However, its heart is the Music Row, featuring museums, shops, and memorials, all dedicated to music. A place that stands out, the Country Music Hall of Fame, celebrates the legends of country music and displays their instruments and other artifacts to the fans. However, what I love about Nashville the most is that it is much more than a country music hotspot. You can find rock and pop venues close to honkey tonks, blues and Christian, as well. Nashville stage lights shine equally bright on local, regional and national musicians regardless of genres.

Nashville landmarks

Nashville's cultural offer is not reserved only for music. A full-scale replica of Athens' Parthenon greets visitors of Centennial Park with its permanent art collection. The Hermitage, once the home of America's seventh President Andrew Jackson and a museum today, still bears traces of its 19th-century history. The Grand Ole Opry and The Ryman Auditorium are unavoidable attractions that provide fun tours. Modern-day reconstruction of Fort Nashborough will fascinate all interested in the life of settlers of the USA. Visiting and enjoying the view over the Cumberland river will leave you breathless. Modern-day art galleries are no less engaging, but the Nashville street art scene is what I love about the city. Colorful and creative, murals have become a recognizable tourist attraction in the past few decades.

Places for my tastes

If the way to our hearts is through our stomachs, so be it. Nashville's culinary scene is much more than fried chicken and its best-rated restaurants can easily prove it. Southern cuisine should be number one on the menu of every visitor, followed by world-class dishes from around the world. Furthermore, if savoring Tennessee whiskey or some of the best cocktails in Nashville is not how you imagine fun, then you will love local breweries. Many unique and delicious choices of high-quality beers served in taprooms across Nashville are complimented with good food and even better live music. There are many places where one can enjoy excellent fruit tea - a Nashville staple - a mix of tea, sweetener, lemonade, and fruit juice. If you are a sweet-tooth you will love 100-layer doughnuts, handmade artisan ice cream, and chocolate and peanut butter swirl fudge.

Welcoming and friendly locals

It is not only landmarks and cultural amenities that attract attention in the capital of Tennessee. It is the laid back style of life where people tend to enjoy every moment and live to the fullest. Sitting on a porch and enjoying the sunset is not something reserved for movie sets. If this way of life suits you, visit and find out what lies between you and your new Nashville home. Visitors come and go, but residents are entitled to the best in the city year-round. Some of those residents are top-class sportsmen, musicians, and actors. While people-watching may seem like a fun leisure activity elsewhere, in Nashville, spotting a celebrity is a common thing and nothing to brag about. The neighborly, friendly, caring, hospitable attitude of the locals is what lingers in the memory of all guests long after they return home.

Great Nashville outdoors

Undoubtedly, there are many locations for Sunday fun in Nashville to choose from. However, not all of them are connected to landmarks or culture related. Nashville is home to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens, Nashville Zoo and the Adventure Science Center, and Radnor Lake State Park. Cheekwood Gardens are a work of art in its own right and with each season it brings something extraordinary to its visitors. The Nashville Zoo is home to some of the most amazing animals and loveliest habitats. Regular events, activities, rides, tours, and a zip line turn a visit to the Zoo into a true outdoor adventure for all fauna lovers like me. Radnor Lake State Park is another lovely place to visit, with breathtaking views and trails. About 35 miles from Nashville is Montgomery Bell State Park, a perfect area to enjoy nature and solitude, outside of city limits and a busy and buzzing Nashville downtown.


Nashville is mostly recognized as a hub of country music, but the spirit of innovation has spread over other spheres, too. Historic landmarks, cultural venues, scenic parks, and traditional restaurants, Nashville has something for everybody's taste. If there is a small-town feel it is mostly present due to the laid back atmosphere and indulgent way of life of its citizens. Being offered a variety to choose from but with a local main dish is what I love about Nashville the most, in every segment of life in the vibrant Tennessee capital.

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