Choosing a neighborhood could depend on the HOA or many other factors. Understanding what an HOA is and how it works may help you choose the right neighborhood to call home in Nashville.

An HOA is a Homeowners Association. Often, the homeowners in a community will pay a fee to the HOA, which helps to maintain the common areas, such as parks, sidewalks, landscaping and other common areas. These can be a part of condominiums, townhomes or planned communities with single-family homes.

Each HOA is a bit different and you have to look at what they offer for the cost before finalizing your decision. While they are different, they are usually pretty similar, too. The fee will likely be charged monthly, quarterly or annually and it's important to consider the fee in your overall home buying budget.


Communities with an HOA often have better amenities than those without. Usually, the amenities will include walking trails, a clubhouse, swimming pools, a gym, tennis courts and more. The HOA fees should help to keep these amenities maintained and clean.

Other Maintenance

HOA fees will also help to cover other general maintenance throughout the community. This may include fixing street lights, landscaping throughout, trash removal, snow removal and other maintenance. It's important to maintain the community and an HOA neighborhood will have systems in place, while others may rely on the city services.

Community Protection

Another thing the HOA fee helps to cover is the insurance for the community. This insurance may cover the amenities and any unexpected repairs from things, such as weather or vandalism. If an ice storm was to hit or flooding were to happen, the community would be covered for any large repairs to the amenities throughout.

HOA Benefits

Choosing a community with an HOA means you will have a group of people, usually known as the board of directors, helping to make sure the community remains great for residents. Of course, you will have a say, as well as regular HOA meetings are held allowing all community members to voice their opinion.

These types of communities often provide more amenities, as well. They tend to be better looking as the landscaping and maintenance are well taken care of.

Should you Choose an HOA Neighborhood in Nashville?

As long as the HOA is in good shape and isn't struggling, the answer is yes. However, there are some instances where the HOA hasn't used money correctly or didn't charge the right fee, which could be a problem. This could lead to rundown amenities and other issues. Make sure the HOA is solvent before you buy a home in the community.

When you start shopping for a home in Nashville, consider a community with an HOA. There are several benefits to a community like this and your real estate agent can help you choose a good one. Just make sure you factored in the HOA fees for your budget and you don't go over budget due to the HOA fees.