Moving to Nashville From NYC - What to Expect?

It's not easy to leave the place you called home for a while. NYC is one of the most popular places to live in the country, and it's difficult to compare it to any other city. However, if you've decided to move to Nashville, it's natural to wonder about what changes you can expect after coming from NYC. The capital of Tennessee attracts many new residents each year, and this article will tell you why. We're here to discuss everything you can expect after moving to Nashville from NYC. What's life like in the capital of the Volunteer State, and will this affect your lifestyle? Sick of cramped city life and curious about New York vs Nashville cost of living? Our guide explains why thousands have migrated here and much more.

The costs of living

Let's talk about one of the most important factors of every relocation — the cost of living. Those coming from New York will be relieved — Nashville is quite affordable. The general living costs and median rents are far cheaper than those in NYC, which is why many people decide to move here. The average rent of a one-bedroom apartment is about $1,200, which is at least two times less expensive than the NYC rents. Therefore, you can expect to have more money to enjoy your free time — and Nashville has the right places to do it.


Another difference you'll notice after moving to Nashville from NYC is the transportation. Compared to NYC, the public transport in Nashville is not as developed and doesn't reach every bit of the city. That's the reason so many people decide to have a car here. In NYC, having a car can only be a burden due to heavy traffic jams, lack of parking spots, and high maintenance prices. Therefore, if you like driving, you will probably be happy about moving to Nashville.

Coffee shops

The accessibility to local coffee shops is something NYC and Nashville have in common. If you're used to having a place to grab a coffee wherever (and whenever) you go, you can expect the same lifestyle after moving to Nashville. There are local coffee shops all around the city, so you will have no trouble finding a favorite in your new neighborhood.


NYC has four seasons, but we all know how cold winters can get there. Compared to NYC, Nashville has a milder climate, with almost no snow during winter. However, there are some cons, too. Nashville has a rather negative nickname — it's one of the allergy capitals'. People suffering from allergies should know that the allergy seasons last for a couple of months here — from February to November. Additionally, Nashville's humidity levels are higher than those in NYC. So, every city has its pros and cons — you need to be aware of both.

You will enjoy mild winters after moving to Nashville from NYC.

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Cultural diversity

NYC is known as the melting pot of the country. However, if you like that about the Big Apple, you will enjoy it even after moving to Nashville. The population is culturally quite diverse, with people from all around the world calling this city their home. Nashville is very welcoming, and you'll certainly feel at home as soon as you arrive.

Additionally, the art and culture scene is very strong here. We all know about the music scene in this part of the country, which means you can visit so many places if you want to see a live show. Excellent bars and other venues make the city alive at all times.

Nashville is a lively city - there are many music venues available all the time.

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The best neighborhoods

When moving to Nashville, you can expect to have some trouble picking the right neighborhood. We can help you out by selecting some of the favorites — the best places to live in this city:

  • The Gulch — a neighborhood that received many new residents recently, and for a good reason. It's close to the city center, has easy access to the interstate, and is home to some fantastic restaurants.

  • Downtown — it's no wonder why so many people want to live in the heart of the city. It's close to all the best spots but is also the busiest neighborhood.

  • Brentwood — if you wish to live in a place completely opposite of the downtown, Brentwood is the right one for you. A quiet, suburban area that is best for those moving with their families. It's relatively affordable and offers more square footage for the money.

  • East Nashville — this area includes some of the hottest neighborhoods in the city, and the place is all about its community, culture, and art.

Moving to the Music City

If you feel horrified only by the thought of moving and hectic traffic in NYC, you're reading the right article. Moving to Nashville From NYC can be pretty smooth if you plan it well and get reliable partners for the process. With the right crew, you won't even notice the long distance!

Firstly, be sure to start on time. Once your tasks begin to pile up, you start panicking, and everything is more complicated. That's why you should always give yourself enough time to finish all the moving work.

Next, the people you hire to relocate your household should be reliable, experienced, and have great recommendations. Trust your home only to the skilled experts.

Finally, reduce the number of moving boxes. Declutter your home and make sure you only bring items you'll need in Nashville. This will help you move with ease, pack faster and pay less for the move.

The Music City welcomes everybody — it will be easy to call it home.

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Welcome to Nashville

We're sure you're going to love this city. However, it's always good to do some research before moving to Nashville from NYC and know what to expect after the moving day. Reading more about the city, doing virtual tours of the neighborhood you picked, and exploring social media for more information will surely help you settle much faster and start calling the city your new home. Welcome!

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