With its lush rolling hills and idyllic charm, Williamson County is one of Tennessee's most sought-after locations when it comes to real estate. The area consistently ranks as one of the healthiest communities in the country thanks to its strong economic performance, excellent public education system, robust housing and infrastructure, and overall population health. Many families moving to Nashville look for homes in Williamson County, where most of the public schools rank above average and options are plentiful. We've broken down some of the best traditional public schools in Williamson County by neighborhood to aid you and your family in your search for a new home!

All schools listed received a ranking of average or above on greatschools.org and are listed by highest to lowest ranking in their respective locations.



Just 10 miles south of downtown Nashville, Brentwood is one of the most popular suburbs for families moving to Nashville due to its easy commutability and plentiful shops, schools, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Two of Brentwood's best traditional public high schools are also ranked among U.S. News & World Report's 10 best public high schools in Tennessee.


Best Public High Schools in Brentwood

  • Ravenwood High School

  • Brentwood High School






Photo by Ravenwood H.S.

Best Public Middle Schools in Brentwood

  • Woodland Middle School

  • Brentwood Middle School

  • Sunset Middle School

Best Public Elementary Schools in Brentwood

  • Granbery Elementary

  • Lipscomb Elementary

  • Sunset Elementary School

  • Jordan Elementary School

  • Edmonson Elementary School

  • Grassland Elementary

  • Scales Elementary

  • Crockett Elementary

  • Kenrose Elementary



College Grove is a small, rural community nestled between the larger communities of Franklin, Nolensville, and Murfreesboro. Historically, College Grove is one of the earliest communities to be built in Williamson County and it is currently home to College Grove Elementary School.



Fairview is located approximately 20 miles southwest of downtown Nashville and 20 miles northwest of Franklin, making it an appealing option for families seeking life in the countryside while staying within a reasonable commute of the city.


Best Public High School in Fairview

  • Fairview High School

Best Public Middle School in Fairview

  • Fairview Middle School

Best Public Elementary Schools in Fairview

  • Fairview Elementary

  • Westwood Elementary School




Franklin is one of Middle Tennessee's most popular suburbs, beloved for its historic charm and beauty and coveted for its top-quality schools. Downtown Franklin boasts some of the best shopping and restaurants in Nashville and has a lively local music and arts scene.

Best Public High Schools in Franklin

  • Franklin High School

  • Fred J. Page High School

  • Renaissance High School

  • Centennial High School






Franklin H.S. Photo by Nashville Parent Magazine

Best Public Middle Schools in Franklin

  • Fred J. Page Middle School

  • Freedom Middle School

  • Hillsboro Elementary / Middle School

  • Grassland Middle School

  • Poplar Grove


Best Public Elementary Schools in Franklin

  • Moore Elementary

  • Hillsboro Elementary / Middle School

  • Freedom Intermediate

  • Clovercroft Elementary School

  • Trinity Elementary

    • Hunters Bend Elementary

    • Walnut Grove Elementary

  • Pearre Creek Elementary School

  • Oak View Elementary School

  • Winstead Elementary School

  • Franklin Elementary

  • Johnson Elementary

  • Liberty Elementary

  • Poplar Grove



Nolensville is one of Nashville's hottest housing markets, thanks to its commercial growth and its location within the coveted Williamson County school district. While it continues to grow and add new schools and amenities, Nolensville embraces its small-town vibe with a lively local dining and entertainment scene and community events throughout the year.

Best Public High School in Nolensville

  • Nolensville High School







Nolensville H.S. Renovations Photo by Williamson Source


Best Public Middle School in Nolensville

  • Mill Creek Middle School


Best Public Elementary Schools in Nolensville

  • Mill Creek Elementary School

  • Nolensville Elementary



Located along I-65 about 30 miles south of Nashville, Spring Hill has seen explosive growth over the last several years due to its more affordable housing prices and quality public school options within the Williamson County school district. In 2019, the U.S. Census Bureau recognized Spring Hill as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country.


Best Public High School in Spring Hill

  • Summit High School

Best Public Middle School in Spring Hill

  • Spring Station Middle School

Best Public Elementary Schools in Spring Hill

  • Allendale Elementary School

  • Chapman's Retreat Elementary

  • Longview Elementary School

  • Spring Hill Elementary

  • Marvin Wright Elementary School



Thompson's Station is a quiet, quaint community between Franklin and Spring Hill that has grown in popularity in recent years. Several large farms and estates decorate the area, which is also home to the newer mixed-use residential and commercial community of Berry Farms. Independence High School in Thompson's Station is also ranked as one of the top 20 public high schools in the state of Tennessee by U.S. News & World Report.


Best Public High School in Thompson's Station

  • Independence High School

Best Public Middle Schools in Thompson's Station

  • Heritage Middle School

  • Thompson's Station Middle School

Best Public Elementary Schools in Thompson's Station

  • Thompson's Station Elementary School

  • Bethesda Elementary

  • Heritage Elementary

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