Our Investment Specialist is Mr. Jake Gomes. Behind the beard, Jake is a math nerd. Analyzing potential investments and calculating ways to maximize cash flow and value additions may seem like work to some, but Jake lives by the personal rule that running numbers is fun. Before diving into Real Estate full time, Jake oversaw operations and finances for multi-million dollar music venues, adding another layer of expertise on what it means to optimize business income and minimize expenses. Jake specializes in assisting clients in purchasing new builds, rehab projects, turnkey rental properties, Airbnb compliant properties, and much more.

"Jake is the type of guy you could literally call for anything and he'd find a way to assist you and your needs. He is by far the most respectful and honest realtor I've worked with." "He makes the process feel abundantly less stressful..making this very hectic process feel like a friend gently guiding you to a safe place that you one day get to call home. We cannot thank him enough and we look forward to working with him again in the near future."

The Nicholas Family

"With the help of our knowledgeable realtor, Jake, we secured an investment property. Through knowledge of the potential growth of the area, we felt confident in committing to a rental property. This investment was a wise move both now and in the future because everyone will always need a place to live and with inflation continuously rising, a rental home was the ideal investment to obtain and watch the rate of return grow and achieve longevity. We were also able to invest in the updating the interior, making it a space catered to our ideal renter and a project we will long be proud of. An investment property was a hands-on approach to investing that allowed us to plan for our future."

Rebecca Padgett